About Doc

Best described as Modernism infused with melody, Doc’s style is a refreshing break from the monotony currently eroding the hip hop genre. This talented young woman has drawn the genre under a different light, reflecting her superlative vocal talents and creative charm. Many view her as the female version of Drake, on a mission to blaze the billboards with her hot drops. Hypnotizing crowds of thousands with her harmonious superpowers, Doc is a sensational artist, ready to conquer the world.


Street flavor comes from real exposure: Doc’s personal experiences lend authenticity to her music. Unlike the more privileged who were born as she was in the urban paradise of Miami, Florida, she suffered through the torments of inner-city life. Despite her early struggle for recognition and identity, Doc’s innate capabilities were well-incubated within the warm walls of her college dormitory, which brought out the best in her.


Shortly after releasing her first mixtape single, They Lookin’ followed by the mixtape album, Buck Radioplay, Doc’s music was recognized by several local South Florida clubs, giving her the break and validation she needed in order to grow and be a successful artist. The release of her album, Super Dope proved her originality, creativity, and innovation. Today, Doc is an emerging name in Brooklyn, New York, a popular and recurring performer at some of the city’s most posh and crowded clubs.

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